Friday, 3 June 2011


I am just reading through my old blog about when I was travelling. I will transfer it all over to here at some point but I just had to copy and paste this that I had just read that I had written. It made me smile remembering it.

1) Who says you can't get as much on a motorbike as in a car...

- I have seen up to 5 people on one motorbike... a kid standing in front of the driver, the driver, his wife, another child and a babe in arms. Yup...the new family vehicle. My tour guide to the tunnels said it is law that you have to wear a helmet and usually everyone does, but it is also the law that you can have 2 adults and one child (under the age of 6) on one bike....he did say that the police usually tend to forget this law.

2) A motorbike is as good as a van with a roof rack...

- I've seen it all. Today alone I have seen

a) the passenger carrying a car windscreen between him and the driver (that would have made a bloody mess if they crashed).

b) A MASSIVE HUMONGOUS pig in a pen. The pig was the biggest I have ever seen. Must have weighed 300kg easily. This was some how attached to the bike seat where the passenger sits.

c) A man had tied approx 10metre long bamboo rods (think they were scaffolding poles) and was towing them behind him. There were about 5 of them and he had just tied one end to the seat and about 10metres behind him they were trailing on the ground.

3) A motorbike can be used in all weather conditions...

- They just don a poncho and bring their knees up under their chin and carry on riding. Or put an umbrella up hold that with one hand and steer with the other. These aren't super strong umbrellas that don't turn inside out with a bit of wind either. So to compensate that they usually just ride with in in front of their faces!

Also, I saw people riding through water that was knee deep.

4) It's not hard to ride a motorbike...
- just ask the guy who was reading his newspaper while on the highway.

5) The women here do not like the sun at all and would rather die of heat exhaustion than the sun get on their skin...

- Most women here when out and about wear thick white/tan stockings even with flip flops, they wear a surgical mask (although think this is to do with pollution also), gloves, scarves, and hoodies. And it's 30c+. They also wear sunglasses even when it's pouring rain.

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