Saturday, 6 December 2008


Ok, I am feeling really broody. Have been doing so for the past year or so. Trying to pursuade my bf in to it but dont think he is ready yet. Everytime I see one I really want one. My brothers girlfriend is pregnant at the moment so when baby comes a long in the next few months I wonder if it will make me want one even more. I suppose I am below the average that women start to have children at but there is something in me that wants one asap.

Any way that is out the way.

Had my last day at the bank yesterday and start new job on Monday. I am nervous and excited all in one go. It is so different from what ever I have ever done. I have usually been in sales or call centre jobs so it wil be nice to have a job where I dont have to hit sales targets etc.

My last customer was someone who had come in with her son, he was 19 and she was complaining about the account he had been given. He was being charged for it and had been since June. Statements had gone out and after 6 months of being charged she complained. Well he was 18 when he got it. He could read and write so it was his decision. I can't understand people who get there parents to do everything for them even when they are technically adults. I bet they were the kids whose parents came in to school everytime that they had an argument or a slight disagreement. Yup and he was 19 on job seekers allowance. Previous posts have put across my feelings on this.

So I start Monday I will probably write more after my first day!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

What Annoys me!

"Can you borrow me some money"? - The people who get their borrow and lending the wrong way round and don't know that the word lending. I speak to some really thick people in my job and I really don't think I would be able to get away with correcting their English. OK, mine is not perfect, well it is not that good but things do really annoy me. Another is "I don't have none". Some people just sound as though they have never been to school. I have spoken to people in India and Cambodia who have taught English to themselves that can speak better than these people.

The people who get me the most. Young people claiming Job Seekers Allowance. Especially when they are under the age of 19. They can be getting free education somewhere and making something of themselves. Surely working in a pub or something would give them something to get up for everyday. Something needs to be done by the government to give young people who have only grown up in an environment where their parents are on the dole and have not worked a day in their life a chance (see there is my bad English). If their parents have never aspired to be anything then how will they. I suppose in every job you will come across somebody or a type of person that drives you mad. And there are the others who work so hard and never have two coins to rub together. It is not fair is it!!!!!