Friday, 3 June 2011

Some Of My Favourite Photos.

 Paris is one of my most favourite places in the world. I have been 4 times and want to go again soon. These are a few of my favourite Paris pictures.
The first place I always go to is Sacre Couer. I just love it there. I love the church the atmosphere and also Montmatre around the back. These photos are Sacre Couer or around Montmatre.

These photos are also of Paris.

This photo was taken in the main Cemetery. I know the name just not how to spell it. I like how I have captured two people walking away with their arms around each other.

This photo is in a shopping centre in Paris. I love the Christmasyness of it all.

Notre Dam

Most people when they think of Paris the first thought that comes to mind is the Tour de Eiffel, or in English, The Eiffel Tower. A tower recognised throughout the world.

And Finally of the Paris photos...

I have also been to India a couple of times and these are some from my last trip there in 2009.

This was taken on Varkala Beach. If you look closely you can see stray dogs under the sun lounges getting shade from the intensive heat.

This is the beach in Goa. It was a lovely beach and it was quiet as it was out of season when we went.

This was in Kerala on the backwaters. The were beautiful. I like this pic. Especially as I was just holing the camera up and pointing it behind me without looking. It's a shame that I have caught my hair in it also though.

Last year I went travelling around South East Asia. I went to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Although this is not an amazing photo I like it because it was the view from my little hut that I had in Ko Chang.

If you have seen the film The Beach with Leo DiCaprio you may recognise this beach. It was stunning. I would say it's the most beautiful beach I have even been to.

Railay Bay. Thailand

The Temples Surrounding Angkor Wat. Cambodia. Cambodia is the most amazing country I have been to. It amazes me how fast and their resilience to what happened there only 30 years ago. Such a brilliant place.

Vietnam was also an amazing place. They didn't like the Americans very much and the Americans that I met whilst there weren't too keen on Vietnam. However, I have nothing but good experiences (a part from taxi drivers trying to rip me off and arguing with them but that's pretty normal in Asia anyway. Well it was in my experiences). The Vietnamese were incredibly friendly. They would come up to me in restaurants just to talk to me. Another thing I liked about Vietnam was how Asian it was. I went there just after Thailand which I was disappointed with as it seemed to have lost a lot of it's culture and had got very seedy in the 6 years it had been since I had last been there.

Ha Long Bay.

The streets of Hanoi.

This was in Sa Pa. This is a hill region in north Vietnam. The people who lived here had a whole different culture to the rest of the Vietnam and they also had slightly different appearances. It was a lovely place and because it was so high up the change of climate was very welcome from the 40c humidity of the rest of Vietnam.

This is what tubing is. This photo although, not very clear reminds me of a day where I was laughing so much I was in pain. My friend and I were going down the river and we decided to stop at a bar but she didn't get out in time and we ended up miles away from each other. Tubing in Vang Vieng was amazing and I would recommend that although it's not typical Laos, it's so much fun and the scenery is lovely.

I went to Whitby in Yorkshire a few years ago and took so many pictures. These are a few of my favourites.


My favourite time of the day is sunset. So, funnily enough I love taking photos of sunsets. I have hundreds of them. Here are just a couple though.
This is at Reading Festival in 2009. I love this picture as it reminds me of summer.

This Photo was taken from Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza. Even though I have done lots of travelling all over the world this sunset was probably the best one I have seen. Cafe Del Mar had a soundtrack to the sunset which was perfect. It was timed to the second with the sun going away and it was amazing!

I don't know where I pulled this photo from. I have forgotten. I think it's a Thailand sunset but I am not sure.

I have got 100's and 1000's of photos. My friends have a nick name for me as I see everything through the lens of a camera. I take 1000's of photos. I wish I had an SLR and could edit. But these are what you see is what you get, I think I may have added a slightly red tint on a couple but I have not edited them.

I hope you like these photos.


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