Saturday, 4 June 2011

I Went East

Transferring my blog over to here a bit at a time...

Nearly Packed...

I have nearly packed. I didn't realise how hard it would be to get 3 months in to one bag. Obviously I plan on doing washing and not taking 3 months worth of new clothes. But those who know me will know I can not travel light. It is a near possibility. I take a suitcase when I go for one night somewhere, so then tell me I have to get a variety of clothes in a bag that I need to carry for 3 months and we have a slight problem. Those who have ever been anywhere with me then they will also know before going anywhere I change outfits about 3-4 times.

I have reluctantly given up on the hairdryer...big frizzy hair here I come! But I really can not think of things I can cut down on. My mum said she will help me cut down on things. I am not giving up shoes, and I need my 3 pairs of trousers, 3 pairs of leggings. Is 10 t-shirts excessive? Maybe I don't need all the dresses/tunics, and the purple silk dress? But dam it. I have brought them I will dam well wear them! Arghhhh!!!! I don't like this whole packing malarky!!!!! I have a weight limit to be under though. And I would like some space just incase I buy anything. Unlikely as money will be tight!

Anyone fancy being my own personal porter? No money paid but you will get the pleasure of my company. Maybe the odd moan.

How the hell am I going to manage?

5th Apr 2010

Made it and cor blimey it is rather warm!

I made it. After over 24 hours of travel I made it to Bangkok. My body clock is really messed up and trying to stay up til later and go to bed at a normal time so that I can get used to it quickly. It will mean though that I have not slept since Saturday night and that was only for 4 hours, Think I am running on excitement of being here though. Staying in the main backpacker area of the Khao San Road. Loads of tourists but it has a really nice vibe to the area. The flight was pretty uneventful apart from when checking in the guy asked where my Visa was as return is not until 1st July and to stay here 3 months you need to apply in advance apparentely. Anyway after nearly having a heart attack and getting worried I'd be back in Nottingham by Sunday night I remembered that I had printed off my internal flight confirmations for the flight to Vietnam. Luckily it was all ok. Then I was worried at this end the Thai authorities would be a bit questionning of my plans etc, but there was nothing. He stamped my passport and waved me through.

We were delayed slightly. We were put on the plane and were told there was technical problems which would take about 50 mins to sort out. So sat there with nothing to do. Then from Abu Dhabi were also delayed as another flight we were waiting on was also delayed. So hit Bangkok rush hour traffic! Oh joy!

I can't get over how quiet this place seems. I remember it being really noisy and awful. But comparing it to Mumbai and Delhi it's country driving. They don't incestently beep their horns and they just sit out the traffic jam. Seems so peaceful compared to India.

Spent about an hour looking for a room that was not extortionate or really horrible. Paying about 6pounds a night for a fan room which is more than I want to be paying but it is Bangkok so is slightly more expensive than everywhere else. It's ok though. Sharing a bathroom but it's a massive bed in a spacious clean room. The bathrooms are really clean also. One I looked at was gross. It was a single bed in the tiniest darkest room. Imagine the film The Beach at the beginning where he was in Bangkok and that was basically it. It's quite weird being back here. It's 6 years since I was here last but I remember where I stayed and how things were.

It is sooooooo hot! According to this is is 36c and's not. It is nearer to 40c and sunny. The cold shower was lovely. Don't need hot water when it is like this. I am a shiny freak at the moment. Need to get used to the heat.

So far being on my own is ok. Ok, I know I have only been here 7 hours but I've met some people already. Although they did seem to only talk about how wasted they have been getting and how off their faces on mushrooms and other stuff that could put you in a nice Thai prison for eternity. Seemed rather young in their approach to things.

Just went for a really nice lunch. Thai green curry with loads of veg in. With 2 drinks and the curry and rice it was just over 2pounds. Nom nom nom!

Not sure what I am going to do next whether or not I am leaving tomorrow and going further north or hanging around here. I need to leave my passport with the embassy while they process my visa which takes about 3-4 working days. I need to find out if I can leave bangkok really. If not I will probably move away from KSR area as is quite over priced. Want to visit a few places near by but also want to go to the north. I suppose I could always do that once Rach has returned home.

Will blog again soon when I have actually done something of interest!

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