Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I Went East 3

Continuing my travel series...

Ko Chang and back to Bangkok (again!)

It's not that I love Bangkok (well I do really like it here) why I keep coming back it is as I am using it as the centre point of my trip and will keep coming back.

I decided I would go to Ko Chang as I couldn't get a train to the south and I wasn't feeling that sure about being in Bangkok as of the troubles with the red shirts and protests. It's a good job I left. The same day that I left it came to a head and ended up in riots on the KSR with 21 people dying and over 800 injured. Was speaking to a girl I met on KSR and she said it was quite scary.

Anyway, I was told it would take 7 hours to get to Ko Chang from Bangkok...pah! More like 12. It wasn't a too bad journey. I went by VIP bus and could spread out and was air conditioned. As I didn't sleep that much the night before I was able to sleep most of the way there so I didn't mind too much. Infact I was quite enjoying the bus ride as of the aircon!

So I arrive in Ko Chang at about 18.30. I find somewhere to stay and haggle with the owner. I have a cute bungalow as close to the sea as you can be. Didn't have aircon and had a stupid fan but it wasn't that bad. I didn't really do that much in Ko Chang. The first day I decided to have a walk to the beach. Had a swim in the sea and spent a couple of hours lounging around (it's what I am best at). When the shade started to go I decided to have a walk back in to the town and go to the place I spyed with a pool. Lovely!

The next day I did pretty much the same but it was the start of Thai New year celebrations. It is Songkran which is a 4 day festival. I got out the pool and decided to dry off. Mistake! I got about 10metres down the road when all these people just came at me with water guns and buckets of water. Drenched! I thought if can't beat them join them so brought myself a gun for 50p which was stollen by a little kid and she gave me the dog bowel she was using. Things started to take a more sinister turn...ice! So the water was not a refreshing splash any more but bloody freezing. I don't know how there were not any accidents on the road as motorbikes were swerving etc. It was accident waiting to happen really! Every car, taxi, motorbike and person that went by you shoot or throw water at. Taxis were most fun as you would have people cowering in the back wanting to stay dry. It was so much fun.

I then made my way back to Bangkok as have an overnight train to Krabi tonight and being as though is new year I thought the traffic would be worse so didn't want to risk not being back in time to get train. So staying on KSR again. Amazing! I thought it was pretty mad in Ko Chang. Here you are immediatly covered in flour and drenched as soon as you leave the guest house. Don't know how I am going to manage to get to train station without getting wet. I am in air con carriage and don't wanna be sitting soaking wet in it as I'll be cold!

Before I go I am going to go hang out in KSR again and get wet and wet other people. It's just one big water fight. It beats UK new year so much. I love how nice everyone is to one another and as you walk down the road you have people just throwing their arms around you giving you a hug.

So off to Krabi tonight. Not sure where I am going. Think I will have one night in Krabi itself and then move on to more beach areas.

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