Monday, 27 June 2011


I'm hanging. I was woken at about 5am cos I was feeling so bad. What makes it worse is I have to go in to placement today. I wish I could call in sick. I am really hating this placement. My inner snob is coming out in me and I am disgusted by some of the people being chavy. The other morning I was driving in and there was this guy walking his kids to school at about 8.30am and he was drinking a can of lager. I hate hate hate hate there. The area I am in is so scummy. I didn't think areas as scummy existed. I am trying my hardest with it but I really don't like it.

I am so stupid. Drinking so much yesterday that I am now hungover. I wasn't meant to be drinking yesterday. I knew I had to go in and be around kids but yet here I am hanging.

I don't know what time I went to bed last night either. I am awake as when I am hanging I can't sleep. I am trying my overload on vitamins method by already having been up and liquidized a load of fruit but it doesn't appear to be working. I am going to try again though.

Time for crap tv and fruit.

I so don't want to go today. I hate hate hate hate the place,


Anonymous said...

If you are such a snob, should you really be a social worker? You can't pick and choose who you help. Your talking about chavs is distasteful in the extreme. How are you any better than they are?

Golden Psych said...

Because I don't let my own values affect what I do. And that is why I can do it. I don't let my own opinions affect what I do and in being able to do that I could actually be a good social worker.

It's not acceptable be drinking at 8.30am while walking the kids to school.

Anonymous said...

Funny you say that when you've just written a blog entry about going into work with children hungover,your total lack of insight into your own awful behaviour,how wrecked you get constantly, your frequent trips to A&E etc etc etc etc and then judge chavs. At least they walk their kids to school, you'd be too hungover. You get paid to look after them.

Golden Psych said...

I am very rarley hung over, and I almost never go to work hung over. Being as though I was celbrating my birthday the day before I don't think one time is that bad. People do a lot being in care of children when they have been drinking!

I don't get wrecked constantly. I rarley go over the limit for the week. The A+E trips are not linked to drinking but to my mood problems and then self harm.

And, actually I don't get paid to look after the kids. I don't get paid anything at all.

And another thing why are you being anonymous. Are you too scared to let me know who you are as 1- you have a blog that has details in about how sometimes you are not always perfect or 2 - mascerading as someone who is a friend on here. Because if you were you wouldn't hide your identity and you would tell me without hiding behind being anonymous.

OK, I am not always perfect. I don't like what I am doing at the moment but I am doing a bloody good job and have had praise from the parents and other staff members. So, my problems and own values are not getting in the way of what I do!

And quite frankly, if you don't like what you read, don't read it!!!! A blog is a space for me to write about what I want and how I want. So if you don't like it, stop reading! Simple!!!!!

Rose Keighley said...

I agree. GP writes this blog as her diary. If you don't like what you read then don't read it. Simple.

So what if she has views on Chavs. We all hold prejudices in some way or another. It's how you act on them.

GP doing social work learns not to let her views and prejudices impact on her professional practice. And from the sounds of it could do it before the course and carries on doing it now.

She is right to think that drinking first thing in the morning while taking the kids to school is wrong. And you talking about her like her behaviour is something that she chooses to do...well perhaps your prejudice is against people with mental health problems. It's pretty obvious she has some kind of mood disorder and being able to complete her placements and written work while she has all that going on...well she should be commended for it.

So what, she doesn't like Chavs. But in reality who does?

Oh, and in case you wondered what I base my comment on. I am a RMN. So, it's not just an off the cuff comment but a view of someone in the profession on GP who has been reading GP's blog for the past few months!