Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fat Club - End of Week 1.

Weight at beginning - 17stone.
1 week in 16stone 12. So a loss of 2lb in one week.

I'm quite happy with that. Especially as I didn't even really seem to notice. I have just been swapping crap for fruit. And a lot of it. I have easily been having 5 portions a day. However, today, I have noticed a few side effects. Diarrhea, or however you spell it. So, back on the immodium. I have got a very sensitive stomach and often have problems so I always carry round a supply of immodium, or shop brand. It's cheaper. I even know which supermarket sells it cheapest...it's Sainsburys incase you wondered.

Anyway, enough talk of poo.

So, how have I found it. I have not minded really. I can still eat when I am bored I just make sure I eat fruit. So I still binge when I feel bad, and I can still get that full feeling. I just use lots of fruit instead.

I have my operation on Thursday. If I do make it through then I am going to start being more active. As I have said before I have one of the biggest inner city parks in the UK as my back garden. I need to make use of it. It's a beautiful park also with a lovely stately home which is free to go in.

So, my plan for next week. Carry on the same as this week but with no fried chicken and chips on my way home after a night out.


Kristy said...

Be proud of swapping crap for fruit. You really are on your way to weight loss. Keep up the good work.

Darkness Dawns said...

Congratulations on your great first week. Those simple swaps that cause the least amount of annoyance are really nice, as they are so much easier to keep up for long periods of time.