Monday, 30 May 2011

Tipsy But Not Pissed.

I wasn't the wrecked one tonight. Although if I had have been more wrecked I would have had less points as alcohol is not as bad as crap food. Me only being a little bit drunk wanted chicken, chips and coleslaw and I had it. So probably had more than a days allowance on food than if I had had a few more drinks and was too wasted to have food.

Anyway. I went out with a couple of friends tonight to see a few bands. And. I wasn't the one who was really pissed. I got to the stage where I couldn't drink more wine and poured it between my 2 friends glasses. I was quite sensible and got a diet coke when I was thristy. I kept pulling really pissed friend away from a situation where she could have got herself in a bit of bother or could have clouded peoples judgement of her. Especially as most the people that were out were people she worked with. She's going to be hanging tomorrow. And. I'm going to feel bad as I ate that much crap.

Today with the wine, chips, amaretto, fried chicken and coleslaw there was nearly 80 points. I feel so bad for having that crap. I actually feel like sticking my fingers down my throat and getting rid of it all. I suppose in a way this who WW thing is really good, It's making me really aware of what I eat and what I drink. For instance I have had 13units of alcohol tonight alone. That's one bottle of wine, plus one large glass of wine plus two amaretto and diet cokes. Usually I wouldn't think twice about it. But in counting callories and points it's really making me aware of what is in what. And It is stopping me binging. I had food tonight as I was hungary and with the alcohol I was craving chicken and coleslaw.

So tomorrow. I am on a mission to have as little food as possible. My snack foods are going to be fruit. I am going to sleep until late and make up for the SHIT day I have had today!

Who's with me???

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