Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ha ha ha.

I went out tonight. Brought home food from KFC (chicken and coleslaw) to have in bed. It was scrummy. Is it an  English thing to get food at the end of the night. First off, me and uni friend said we would wait on to the bus a bit longer to go into city centre even though went past our house, so we could get some food. Then we were like why don't we go for a drink. I had a bottle of vodka that I took to party in next city and brought back. We went to bar. I got preferential treatment and got to use disabled facilities as currently I am cripple with my leg and all that. Surprisingly, it was a good pulling tool. Not that I did. But, it was amazing how much I could have pulled, just on sympathy vote alone. Shame none of them were fit.

 So all Friend had to get was 2 cokes. We kept topping them up with the vod. In the end. I was like...I wan't food and so do you. Lets walk another mile to go to KFC just so I can get hicken and coleslaw...ummmm.

Brought home. In bed. Ate the food in bed, what a scuzz. deciding whether or not to take pi pills now? I don't really wanna sleep 15 hours from now, but I wanna sleep. And I don't wanna not take them as don't want withdrawals. Decisions decisions????


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