Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Doing Something Good...

I've joined Weight Watchers. My plan, so put full details on here. That way if other people are following my weight loss I will get support. And yes, I do need to lose weight as my BMI is currently around 37. I was weighed at the hospital yesterday for my pre-operative assessment and I was 107kg. That's nearly 17 stone. So tomorrow I plan on getting up at a normal time and I am going to my first meeting. I will get weighed properly and I am going to detail it all on here about what I have done.

My weight is one of the things that has been affecting me for a while. It does get me down quite a bit. I am lucky in a way that it is proportionate and I have a curvy figure that goes in and out in the right places. But I want it to be smaller. Currently I am a size 20 bottom (UK) or in US a size 16 and a 18 UK on top or 14US. I would like to be about a size 14 (UK) all over. I would like to lose around 5stone. I have lost about 2 stone before on the WW diet and I know it works for me. According to the NHS for my weight to be in healthy ranges it needs to be somewhere between 8stone 8 and 11 stone 8. So if I lost 5 stone that would put me in normal ranges.

I would like to say I am going to follow an exercise plan also. But, I am a bit crap with the motivation for that. But. I have one of the UK's largest inner city parks as my back garden. I have a gate on to the park. I should make the most of it. I have a dog. And I have a bike. There is no reason why I should not be using these.

My leg is out of cast now. It is a bit soon to be exercising but there is no reason why in a couple of weeks I should not be able to. It is still sore and I am struggling with bits. Like I forget it hurts and I go and sit on it and then that really hurts.

So, will you support me? I know a few people read this and I thought if making it kind of public then it would be more motivating for me.

I do live with my parents and my mum cooks meals at night, generally they are healthy. My problems are with snacking and bingeing. I think I binge when I am feeling crap in myself, and when I am bored. But, if you have tips etc please pass them my way and I need all the help I can get as I sometimes lack motivation and if I have people bugging me about it then it will help.



catherine said...

good for you! i've been thinking of joining but not really brave enough. but if you're doing it, then maybe i will, too. make sure to post updates.

Sheri said...

That's terrific. I know you can do it!

Kristy said...

I have been l losing weight too. I just flip flop with staying on track. I would love to hear about your journey. I think it would help me get more motivated . I think it is wonderful you are doing this.

darkness dawns said...

One thing I've found easy to do, is if you have a lot of sugary drinks, to get in the habit of drinking water instead. I can't think of any other tips, but good luck with this!