Saturday, 19 March 2011

What I Like (and what I don't).

What I like and makes me feel nice and happy....

Clean bedding
Clean and tidy room (I am not exactly the most tidy person so is always nice once I finally get around to tidying my room)
Lie ins
The smell of fresh cut grass
The smell of summer rain
The smell of clothes that have been dried outside
The feeling when you wear a new outfit
Getting in to a really good book.
Taking my time in the shower
Sitting outside in the summer
The way my nephew says my name (he has only just learnt to say it, it's sooooo cute)
Waking up at about 4am thinking it must be nearly time to get up and seeing the clock and realising you have a few more hours sleep.
Cuddles (although I don't have anyone to get them from at the moment)
When something I have worked towards comes off positively for me.
Basking in the sun in summer.
When someone does something nice for me just because...
The feeling of when you do something nice for someone just because.
Snuggling under a blanket in front of the fire and watching a good film in the winter.
How pretty snow looks when it has first fallen.
Driving in the summer with the windows down and the music up.
Getting something a lot cheaper than you expected it to be...Primark is always good for this.

What I don't like and what makes me feel horrible and bad...

Having a messy room
Hangovers (especially on hot days)
Public transport
Chavs - and yeah I am going in to social work still. Lol
Bad English. I know my grammar isn't great but the borrow/lending thing drives me mad, as does loose, and lose, I haven't got none, their, there and they're. These are just a few.
Having to pick up the dog mess when she goes (I do it though, I am not one of these who leaves it).
Bad drivers.
Arrogant people.
People who blame everyone else but fail to look at themselves.
People with stupid, unrealistic about you get a job first.
People who think because they are on benefits they have entitlements!
Crap music.
Cinnamon (It makes me heave)
Kidney Beans
Snakes (my biggest fear, I have ran out of clubs and screamed at rickshaw driver to pull up somewhere else as it was too close to some cobras)
Being cold.
January and February
New Years Eve
Needy people (I really maybe should question my career choice here?)
Not having any clean clothes.
Being late.
People who think they know me and proceed to tell me what's best for me.
Waking up seconds before the alarm goes off and thinking you have time left to sleep but then realise you don't.
Being too tired.
Being challenged.
Being told I can't do something when I know I can.
Being held back.
Being oppressed. particular the broad ones in my area. It sounds's worse than Sarf Landen accents. As awful as it sounds on dating websites if a guy is from the north of the county I won't bother.

Well, that wasted some time.


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