Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Wow, You Look Different From Last Time I Saw You".

This is what the police officer who has just been round said to me.

I got a phone call just over an hour ago from the police saying that he was the one who picked me up and took me to hospital and he wanted to come round and talk to me about what happened and get some more info from me about my history so that if anything happens in the future they can help.

So there went my PJ day. I can't have the stereotype that benefit claimers who are mentally interesting laze around all day in their PJ's.

So about 40minutes after the call he rocks up at my door and that was the first thing he said to me. He told me what had actually happened. I have no recollection of it at all and had been wondering what had happened and how I had got to the hospital. Apparently I called Crisis Team, got annoyed with them and hung up. They tried calling me back but I didn't answer. So they called the police. The police came round to my flat but I wasn't there. They then got a phone call from a taxi driver stating he had seen me walking down the middle of the road with a bottle of wine and didn't look well. So they came and found me. He said I was quite combative and didn't want to go with them and refused to get in their car. They said they took my handbag off me, looked through that and saw lots of empty pill packets. They said I was acting quite manic, whatever that means. He said he put my handbag in the car and I just followed my bag. I then passed out on him and being as though I am only 2 mins from the ED they took me there. When I got there they tried waking me up but struggled. They then took me in the resuscitation area which is where the police left me.

He said if they hadn't have found the pill packets they were going to put me on a s.136. But he said it was lucky they did as it became apparent I was seriously ill.

So the reason he came round was because he wanted to see how I was and also there is a new national protocol where by in which they have someone who they have been involved with who has mental health issues they then like to get a back ground about them so they have details if there is a next time, or if they come across you in the street they have a better idea of what they are dealing with.

I was quite nervous when they called as I thought I was going to be in trouble. Especially when he said I was found with a bottle of wine, I thought I may get a fine or something for being drunk and incapable or having open alcohol open in a public place. But one of the first things he said to me was not to worry as I wasn't in any kind of trouble.

He was really nice and made me laugh. Especially when he went on about his sunglasses and how he wasn't sure if they suited him and asking my opinion on them.

So now I know what happened and how I got to the hospital. I am shocked. I am disgusted with myself and embarrassed. Maybe it would have been better me not knowing.

Now I feel highly anxious.

I don't know why I am wary of the police. Most of my dealings with them have been fine. And when they haven't it's been because I have been a knob. There have been 3 S.136's and the first one was horrendous, but I didn't cooperate at all and was trying to get away. The same with the second. I kept trying to escape. But after a while I calmed down and talked to them and apologised to them and they were then lovely to me and apologised for what they had had to do but had said it was in my own interests and they thanked me for apologising as apparently that doesn't happen very often. The 3rd S.136 they were nothing but lovely and caring. I have had a few dealings with them as of my being mentally interesting and there has only been 2 negative experiences, but then I have myself to blame for that.

I also spoke to him about my neighbours downstairs who are really noisy. He said I should write to the landlord and get them to take action. Or if they are really noisy at night to call and the police will go round and cut their stereo plugs so they can't play music. I'm going to give them another week. If it's still the same I think I will write a letter. I don't know though. Knowing me I won't as I don't want to risk causing a problem. But I hope it is because they haven't lived there that long that it is just people coming over to check out the new place.

Will wait and see.


Eck said...

Hi "GP,"

I'm glad you had a good experience with that policeman. Sounds like he was a genuinely nice guy.

Back when my friend Susie was still talking to me, I called her in the hospital after the cops hauled her off because she had called her ex-employer and made an off-the-cuff (not really serious) suicide threat. At the time I didn't know she suffered BPD, and believed they had violated her rights. She was really appreciative that I had called her, and even said she might have done something "stupid" otherwise. She later told me that the police have her listed as "Mentally Unstable," which angered me, and I wanted to help her erase that tag. BUT it was actually a good thing: Lets say they got a call, and she was acting hysterically. They would immediately know her background, and not harm (or, God forbid, shoot) her, thinking she was a threat.

If drinking wine caused you to act like you did, and not even remember what you had done, I don't think I have to tell you what the answer is! You're wise enough to help yourself, and not repeat the same mistakes.

Be well, my friend!


Golden Psych said...

Thanks for the comment Pete.
I am not drinking at the moment anyway. Not while I feel as bad as I do as I know that when I drink I am more likely to do something I haven't planned or self harm. What is stopping me at the moment is I don't want to have to go to the hospital. I now have a strong dislike of them and don't want to go anywhere near it. I get anxiety every time I pass the place, and being as though it's only 2 minutes away that means it is quite often.