Friday, 5 April 2013


So I'm still on a medical ward but I've been now told I'm medically fit. Due to my little white lies probably, but anyway I'm told I'm medically fit.

I've told them I refuse to spend another night on this ward as it's too cold and since I've been woken up from the induced coma I've probably only slept 5 or 6hours. In 5days. I can't handle it. I've said I'll go when there's a bed but I'll wait from home if needs be. Besides, there are probably medically ill people more in need of this bed than me. Saying that it will prob make them more ill.

Since being woken up I have had a really bad stomach. Nice. And developed some problem with my neck shoulder which means I can't turn my head properly or support the weight of my arm. Add this to my swallowing problems, eating problems, general weakness and it taking over an hour for me to shower and dress myself. You could say I'm not in a great way.

So they've got an hour and I'm out of here.

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