Tuesday, 9 April 2013


They let me go. Yay. Not sure if it's just overnight leave or if it's for good. I have to go back to see the consultant tomorrow on the ward and speak to him. But the junior doc spoke to the consultant before letting me go so I am assuming that all will be ok. And they don't let you go if they think you are going to be too high risk.

Don't get me wrong. I am struggling a bit. I am still seeing things. But I am not feeling any worse than I was on the ward and the symptoms are no worse. So I should be ok. But I do have worries. I have a really bad neck and shoulder pain which means I can't do much with my arm and it's so painful. I was on tramadol on the ward but I said I didn't want to stay and so they wouldn't give me any more. So I have had to buy some paracetamol and ibuprofen. Because I brought them over the counter they gave me max amount you can buy at a time. I also have quite a bit at home but it's got codeine in and I can't take those as pain relief as I haven't been eating and I will get a violent reaction to it. So, I have quite a lot of pills around me. And, I have already thought about taking them. Not a good sign really.

But I am struggling on. The ward have said they will keep my bed and if at any time tonight or tomorrow I can have it back and stay a few more days. I won't be taking them up on that offer though. I will have to be forced back in if they want me back in.

Oh and I have dyed my hair. It's darker than I wanted. Not sure I like it.

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