Saturday, 12 February 2011

Why Do We Do The Things We Do?

So why do we do the things we do? I keep asking myself the same question. I do stuff that I know will upset me yet you can't help but do it. I blame the internet. The things I have been doing

1) Facebooking Gom - I don't know why I look as his profile is private. But he has a picture on there from 5 years ago that I took. I deleted it on facebook as on my albums but still shows on his. I don't know why I keep looking.

2) Facebooking LD - Gom's new live in girlfriend. Again her profile is private. She has the most unflattering profile picture and looks a right mupet. But it's in the front room of the house I shared with Gom.

3) Looking up Gom on eBay and seeing what he has been buying. And then getting more upset when can see that he has been buying things for LD.

Why do I do it. I ask my friend Neve who happens to be Gom's mates now ex things about her as they used to do things as couples. She tells me stuff about them, stuff I don't wanna hear but stuff that I ask anyway.

Anyone got any idea on why we (or is it just me) does these things when we know they will upset us?

Please comment with your answers!!!!!

I've decided I am going to keep this one going and update it with the silly things I do that can make things worse. You know, types of things that make you wonder why you have done it....

So another one
A) Having an exam. Then looking back at your revision notes to see where you went wrong. It's too late. There is nothing you can do about it so why do you bother? I did this after a seen exam. So I had all the answers. After the exam I went back and looked at my revised answers and pulled up where I went wrong. Got my self in to a state as there were a few areas where I had forgotten to put which law was applied to the situation. Was in a bit of a quandary for 4-6 weeks until actually got the exam mark back. Turns out I passed and did quite well with 67%. A good exam grade for me but then beat myself up that didn't get just 3% more to take it up to the next level of grading!

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