Monday, 18 March 2013

Tried Calling

I tried calling my CPN. She doesn't work Monday's so was a bit of a waste of time. I didn't feel as though I could talk to anyone else. So I didn't say anything. Maybe I will try again tomorrow. Who knows.


Eck said...

I do that all the time: Call an office on the day they are closed, or put off calling until it's past office hours. I've never been good talking to people, and more recently I've been real talkative, and then feel ashamed later, because I've opened-up and said too much. For me, I think it's nervousness more than anything.

Golden Psych said...

I had psyched myself up to call. Then as the phone was ringing I chickened out of what I was going to talk to her about and was just going to ask her to come to my house when I see her on Friday. But as it turned out she wasn't there at all anyway. I will try again tomorrow.