Thursday, 26 January 2012


<p>I'm trying to write about my past and the events which happened so I can show it to Gary the psychologist. I'm not entirely sure I will show him, but I'm trying. It's so hard writing with the knowledge someone I know will read it. I don't really know how and what to say.

I'm seeing him tomorrow afternoon and I really am trying to make progress. What ever I write though just makes me sound like a scummy thieving slag.


one brave duck said...

such harsh words. you were a kid. i hope you can begin to forgive yourself. we've all done things we are ashamed of. talking about it will def. help. i am glad you are thinking of sharing. it's the only way through this.

Anonymous said...

hi gp i just wanna say that duck is right u were a kid and we do all do bad things we wish we could take back. ive done some awful things in my life and i feel the guilt about them all the time. Maybe this is what you need to move past the place ur at now to let it go and move on to a place where you can be happy with who u are now instead of what you did then. bad actions dont mean we are bad people. they just mean weve made mistakes and to grow from that u should forgive urself. U seem like a nice person to me ive read all your blog i wish you all the best good luck with ur app. xx