Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Psychology Is Hard Work.

They came to assess me for DBT this morning. It was only a bloody assessment and it's left me feeling shit. They have said I can have a place if I want it but I'm not sure if I do. See yesterday's post about that one.

Also, I think I may have shot myself in the foot. I mentioned that I keep a lot of things to myself as I fear that they'll be used against me. He asked an example and so I said about when I am ill and when I do get urges I play them down so that it can't be used to make me stay longer. This was interpreted as I'm not being honest at the moment about how I'm doing and perhaps I'm only saying I'm doing better because I want to go home. I tried to explain that that wasn't the case at the moment and I was being honest. I think it's going to go in my notes as different though. Bloody brilliant!

If I feel like this now after an assessment, how would I be after real sessions? It's putting me off even more.

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