Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Life

I just seem to wait around for what appointments I have with the psych team. That's what my life is. I have psychology appointments every two weeks and I count down to them. I should be seeing him tomorrow as is two weeks since the last appointment but he is off on annual leave. So it's three weeks between appointments instead. It gets to a Thursday and I think only a week til my next appointment. I count down the days. I think I am relying too much on them. It shouldn't be like that.

Yet, I can't face letting anything else in to my life at the moment. I am in no place to be doing any voluntary work or anything like that as I am in a bad way.

Hopefully though, all being well I have a plan that should work and I can put it in to place in a couple of weeks. So all of this feeling like I am just living for one appointment to the next won't matter anymore.

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