Thursday, 28 February 2013


One of my closest friends is emigrating to Australia in about a month. I am really going to miss her. She has been one of them that although I don't talk to in person about how I have been feeling or on the phone but in text I tell her quite a lot. Not details about the self harm but she was one of those I told when I woke up in intensive care after I nearly died. I didn't say what I had done. I didn't need to. I just said I had done something stupid and I was worried about what was going to happen.

I have known her about 9 years now. We met on our 1st day at uni trying to find the room/building we were supposed to go to.

I wish her all the best in her new better life out there. I was there 10 years ago. I lived in oz for nearly a year and it was amazing. I think she will love it. Who wouldn't? I came back wanting to move over there. It was only a couple of years later when I went around Europe a few times and you could hop on a flight and be in a totally different culture within an hour that I realised I didn't want to move anymore. The thing is with oz is that you have at least a 9 hour flight and you get to Asia. Asia is amazing, but, it's not Europe where you can be in a different country within an hour and be in a totally different place.

I love Asia. I love it . I really do. I want to go back there and was planning on going this year. I planned on Tokyo, China, Thailand (for about the 4th time at least), Indonesia and Laos again. But, I don't think I would only like that my only culture for the rest of my life. Australia is so big. Yes, the different states are different. Take for instance Perth, they have this whole why do it today when you can do it tomorrow attitude, NSW is very modern and rushed. Sydney is a brilliant cosmopolitan city. Melbourne is quite European. But you don't have Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland etc on your door step.

I loved Sydney the most. I spent 4 months living there in a flat with GOM close to main train station on George Street. An amazing place.

I am so jealous that she is getting to do all this. That she has found love and she is moving out there with him and they are going to start an amazing fantastic life in the sun.

All the best to her.


willfindhope said...

It doesn't take 9 hrs to fly to Asia...I live in Perth and I could get to Indonesia in about 4 hrs...

Golden Psych said...

I liked Perth. It was a great city. But I preferred Sydney and if I was going to emigrate anywhere in oz it would be Sydney. Takes quite a while to fly anywhere from there.