Sunday, 20 November 2011


Being moved to intensive care warea.k. No posts dot a whilea.


Jenny said...

Thinking of you.. hope things improve for you soon x

catherine said...

keeping you in my thoughts. hang in there. it will get better. c.

Purple said...

Please update when you can. Take care :)

peace loving guy said...

Hey there GP - you rugby hooligan!

Its peacelovingguy here - not my real name - I'd be a hippy for sure if I was called that!

Hoping you'll get to the point I got to sooner than later.

In part accepting depression - but also accepting that you can still be happy - there can be days that are good and even memorable.

You will get there - your always welcome to talk to me and I said that many a time - if I was 20 years younger I'd date you! But alas - for me - not you - we'll just have to be mates!

Anyhow - I want to see you well - I know you got your mind set on other things sometimes - but try and let a bit of the light inside - out!

You got a lot to look forward to GP - truly. Sad to see you still inside - but your intelligent - you cannot kid yourself - you know that presented with your own case you'd veer on hospitalisation.

These things happen - is not the end of the world - and if worse comes to worse you claim benefits for a year or whatever - maybe find some other course - open university is a good one - keeps you sharp - and you got talents yet to be discovered.

Wishing you all the best - have not been the forum lately - I'm OK myself - but been were you been and am here to say that its water under the bridge now.

Feeling bad does not last forever.

Take care - will be thinking about you - and a prayer will not do any harm I guess.