Sunday, 11 December 2011

Back at My City Hospital

<p>Back from the intensive care unit. Glad that I am the staff there are bullies. Especially fingers whom I've mentioned before. There was an incident where he totally lost it with me and was screaming and shouting at me and he had hold of my arm. So I kneed him in the balls. It's not me. I'm not that person but the way he was with me was out of order and he was really hurting me. Obviously there is the lead up to the event which I'll write more about when I have my lap top.

Looks like I'm going to be in over xmas and I'm also being assessed for a section 3 next week. They've not told me this it's what I've seen on their board in the staff room.

Now though I'm off to the ED as I swallowed something again yesterday and there are complications apparently. It doesn't feel much different to me. I've been bad the past few days with my stomach anyway as of previous operation. That's another thing about here; they listened to me when I said it was hurting again. At out of city hospital they refused me pain killers as I didn't look as though I was in enough pain. First thing they did here was prescribe decent stuff and get a doctor on to the case.

Anyway. I'm back. That's what matters.

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