Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I am home from the hospital. They ended up putting a cast on my leg rather than the splint as my foot was dropping and they needed to set it so I don't end up with my toes pointing down.

Being home is a LOT harder than I thought. Getting up stairs was a nightmare. At the hospital they seem to be wider and steeper where as at home they are not that steep so to go up on your bum it's harder as you haven't got the leverage on only one step below you and 2 steps is too far.

They have sent me home with morphine, paracetamol, dihydrocodeine, ibrupefen, quetiapine, and a few more bits. I can't believe they sent me home with morphine. First thing I did. Look it up in overdose. I don't think I have enough so that it would be painless and quick. So no point. Also, I need it for pain relief.

I am kind of spaced out on the painkillers at the moment so I will write a proper post tomorrow once I have had some sleep. I am also feeling mega sick.

Bucket is next to my bed!

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