Friday, 7 September 2012

Waiting By The Phone

I am now over paranoid. Even though Psychologist called me this morning. I was waiting for a phone call as I expected it to come even if he hadn't told me he'd be in contact. He said he had been in contact with a friend of his who works in the ED and he said that his friend had said what I had basically said. That it was 2 weeks ago when I last swallowed anything and if it was going to cause any damage it probably would have done by now and by all likely accounts they would have passed through my system by now. So I didn't really need to go to hospital unless I started to experience any pain or problems.

I should have asked him if he had spoken to Beth my CPN as she is the one I am most worried about. I am half expecting her to call me and I am getting paranoid about it. I am worrying what she will say or do. I don't know why I didn't. The call coming from the psychologist kind of threw me off balance a bit as I was expecting it to be Beth and I was watching the kids while I was on the phone and my Mum was just upstairs.

On another note, I went to visit my GP this morning to get some meds. He said he was really pleased to see me as it had been a long time and was nice to see me out of hospital and that he hoped that this time it was for good. Then he went on to say how it had made his day seeing me...bless.

If I've not heard anything by the end of the day I doubt that I will. I am seeing OT next week and hopefully they can help me with routine and getting motivated. I just can't seem to do it myself. Going out for dinner with a friend later at least so it gets me out and is something to do at least. It should go well.



Me said...

Hey Gp i'm pleased you updated your blog. I hope you don't mind i have a question, how often do you see your CPN? Just curious as i don't see mine that often.
I hope at some point your decide to have that needle part xrayed or something as i don't wish you harm.
How was Europe? Did it help, seems like a big thing straight out PICU.


Golden Psych said...

I was on an acute ward for 2 weeks before being discharged after the PICU. What do you mean by a big thing after being on PICU, the needle or going away? Europe was better than I expected. But then I was expecting to hate every minute of it.

I think I will be seeing my CPN every 3 weeks. But I see the psychologist every 2 weeks and I think the OT every 2-3 weeks also. Not really sure about the OT. HOw often do you see your CPN?

Me said...

I meant Europe.

At the moment i see her monthly but i sometimes see her less if i'm spending time with other members of the team.

Golden Psych said...

I thought it best that I go rather than be on my own for 3 weeks so soon after coming out of hospital. In the past I have attempted and seriously self harmed while I have been on my own. With feeling quite fragile still and low and having urges I thought it best that I go with my parents even though I didn't really want to go.

Me said...

It must have slipped my mind you said with your parents i was thinking on your own. I think you was wise not to be left alone so soon.