Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Crisis Team

I am contemplating calling. I have just turned the house upside down looking for prescription meds. Not a good sign really. But before I called I wanted to know what people's experiences of Crisis team in the UK was and what they are likely to do if you call them when you are feeling suicidal. I don't want to call them if all they are going to suggest is take a walk or have a bath.

Please comment on this one.



Peter said...

If not the crisis team is there anyone else you can call?

Golden Psych said...

No, there isn't any one to call. No one knows what is going on with me at the moment other than the professionals.

Jenny said...

I've phoned the crisis team and they were quite good.. just really wanted to make sure I was safe enough. They informed my CPN of my call, which was ok with me really.

You say you don't want them to tell you to have a walk or take a bath.. i'm just wondering what would be helpful for them to say? What would your ideal response from them be?

There's always the samaritans too.. sometimes it depends on who you get there but they can be useful to talk to and are completely confidential. You would be able to tell them about your plans and they still wouldn't tell anyone, etc.

Hope you get the help and support you need right now.


Peter said...

What about some of your friends? Neve, Raq or others of "the people I may mention" list?

Golden Psych said...

They don't know what is going on and I don't want them to know either.

I don't know whether or not to call the crisis team. I have been told to call them when I feel bad. But, I know I am going to attempt on another day that is already planned. I have a planned attempt and the only reason I am thinking of calling them is because I don't want to do it tonight. I want to wait.

jenny said...

Samaritans? You can tell them all the details of your attempt plan and they won't stop you..

Golden Psych said...

I can't speak to people on the phone. I was told crisis team come and see you.

I hve tried Samaritans and Focus line before and have not got anywhere. I find them patronising. I was told crisis team know who I am and are able to pull up my records so they know who I am and a bit about me.

It's just picking up the phone I have a problem with. And there is no way I am going down to the ED. That's just a gaurenteed way of making me feel worse and more pissed off.

Peter said...

So, is it a visit from someone you want?

Would you not have to call the crisis team so that they could visit?

Is there not anyone you can email?

jenny said...

Here in Surrey you can text the Crisis team.. may be worth looking on their website whether it's possible to text them wherever you are too.


catherine said...

i hope you call. please reach out.

Pandora said...

I can't speak on the phone either. My experience was that they phoned and try and make an assessment, but I refused to speak to them and my mother told them of the severity of the situation, and they came out.

Now that said, they were fucking rubbish. Meditation, a (failed, as it turned out) referral for wanky CBT, and me throwing them out of the house telling them I was disgusted that I had contributed to their salaries by paying my tax and insurance.

HOWEVER, my case was a particularly awful example, and in their defence was probably poorly assessed by them because I never specifically said I was going to do myself in. I have heard of many other cases where they've been genuinely supportive - at the very least, I'm told, they're someone to vent to, and at best they are genuinely insightful and full of (actual, meaningful) ideas as to how to progress.

There's no way to say, obviously, whether you'd be lucky or unlucky with your lot, but it has to be worth a try.

Good luck.

Pan x

Golden Psych said...

I would prefer if they did come out. I am not good on the phone when it comes to things like this.

It's weird. Any other thing I don't mind being on the phone. Professionally I am fine on the phone but I think speaking to someone about this I can't gauge their responses. I can't read their body language or see their facial expressions.

I will try and call. I have already tried once and hung up but I will try again in 15 minutes.