Saturday, 31 December 2011

Moved to a different picu.

They moved me to a different picu. Closer to home and so much more relaxed. I'm allowed my phone.

This past week has been so much better. I feel optimistic and more positive. Unfortunately this does not seem to have much baring on what future care they want me to have.

They still want me assessed by low secure. This would mean a longer stay of many months. I don't want this and I'm terrified. But my reputation precedes me so it doesn't really matter what I tell them now.

I'm trying to hold it together and I'm doing quite well. Also I put in a formal complaint against fingers at the other hospital over an incident that occurred and he's been suspended while they look in to it more. We've been given the impression that it's not the only complaint against him. So I'm going to have to be interviewed over it which I'm looking forward to like a hole in the head.

That's it for now though. X

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