Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I have decided I am going to take matters in to my own hands. I was moaning last night about being miserable and down about Gom etc. Well perhaps now it's now time to move on. Or at least have some fun trying. I have gone back to online dating. Back to the world wide web. If I don't meet anyone at least I will have some funny stories trying.

I wrote last night in my height of upsettness that next year I hope to look back on this year and what I have wrote and laugh. After another night of waking up crying in the middle of the night I need to do something about it really. I can't put it off forever. I know I am going to have to talk about the self harm with someone eventually so I need to keep myself busy now. You never know I may meet someone I really like on there. So. For now. I am going to try (I said try it may not work) and be more positive. Look at things in a different way. Stop kidding myself about things and just move on. If it works it works if not well I will have had fun trying...well trying and then writing about it!

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