Wednesday, 29 December 2010

First of the Weird Ones

I had to share this...

I have joined which is a dating site. I was on it before and went on a couple of dates which I wrote about in "how to lose a guy in one date". The first two on there are ones that I met on POF. Anyway, a couple of my friends met guys there are now in long term relationships with so I thought why not, I can't afford so lets give this ago.

This guy emailed me and so I looked at his profile. On there it said he had written a book which had been published. So I look it up on and below is copied about what is said about the author...

"A. Sole was born on a cold winter's night. The Moon burned blood red in the sky. Crucifixes melted on their stands and around peoples necks. All around Berlin, choirs of jealous Angels screamed in horror at what was taking place that night ha ha ha ha!!! He was born for one purpose to write, to compose. He has left no stone unturned and left no curse unspoken. He has wandered this dark and debris scattered island for many years now; thirty one to be exact. He has been sectioned many many times for the madness of the voices will not let him go. He has been to and left university shouting teacher, leave them kids alone! He has seen things you people wouldn't believe; ghosts and the spirits of wolves. He loves in his dark, dark ways, cheese toasties with ham on them ooooh! He believes the Holy Spirit is Jack Daniels and the risen sun is there awaiting him in the morning and he believes that he is god, but then aren't we all"

Did he get a reply...I'll leave that for you to decide!

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