Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Why Being an Adult Sucks, Being Ill and Other Ramblings!!!!

This weekend I have been quite ill. Thursday on my way home from uni I started to feel a little sick. I didn't think anything of it as sometimes feel sick when I am tired. So I get home and I get worse and worse and worse. At about 7pm I get the squits. Nice. Every 10mins I am having to make a run for the loo. By 10.30pm I must have been about 10 times and I am feeling very very sick. So I am sat on the loo when woooosh....projectile vomited in to a plastic bag. The thing is the bag had holes so cue suck coming out all over the bathroom floor. Now I can't deal with sick even my own. The sight or sound of someone else being sick makes me want to be sick myself...having a friend who is very sickly and is sick at everything is not fun!

Now if I was a kid I would have had my mum there rubbing my back telling me all would be well and that I wasn't dying....I hate being sick. I am never sick. I often feel sick but I actually can't remember the last time I was sick when sober, that wasn't related to a hangover or that wasn't related to me being silly and taking overdoses (actually I can it was in July when I was in hospital with an infection I got from my travels in Asia..but I can't remember the time before this). So it came as a bit of a shock to me really. Now if I was a kid I would have been able to go and get in to bed and go to sleep, or have someone call the Doctor as they were worried about me. But no, I had to clean it up. Nice! So I was ill all day Friday also which if I was a kid it would have been a day off school. But as I am older I have other responsibilities so I was trying to sort out things and get things covered that needed to be covered at the same time as running to the loo every 10 minutes. Saturday I am completely better. Until Sunday evening. I contemplated going out Saturday night as I did feel fine but better judgement said no, you shouldn't as it may set off the bug again so I was sensible and stayed in. Also, I had to cancel some stuff with my uni group on Friday and let them down and it was with some of them that I was supposed to have been going out with. I didn't think it would look that good if one day I am too ill to get out of bed and then the next I am out drinking and dancing.

Sunday evening, the sickness comes back. Why I don't know. After a few hours of feeling really sick and sitting with a bucket under my chin while watching a film I was eventually sick. This time though I didn't have to clean it up at least as I was much better prepared. Being ill sucks. Being an adult and being ill sucks even more as you don't get any sympathy.

Another reason why being an adult sucks is snow! As a kid if it snowed you got the day off school (if it was bad enough) and you didn't have to worry about anything. Now I have to spend ages de-icing my car. I don't mind driving in snow, infact I quite like it. I would say that I am careful, I don't slam brakes on and I keep in a low gear. But there are others on the road who hate it and panic and cause accidents. I am worrying that this week there will be too much snow for people from different areas to get in to uni. I have two presentations coming up and some people are coming from about 70miles away. If the weather is bad then they wont be able to make it in. I have no excuse as I can walk to uni in about 20minutes if I walk fast. I walk in every day so I can't use snow as an excuse. What is it with this country? All we have to have is a small snow shower and the country grinds to a hault. It's minus 7-10c at the worst, get over it!!! People start panic buying, and then people moan about it. Come on. It's not exactly arctic conditions is it? How do you think people in places such as Canada, America, Russia etc etc etc cope year in year out with feet of snow, not just the few meagre inches we get? While I am on the subject of snow; while it looks pretty I get so sick of it after a while. I hate being cold. I hate getting wet feet and me being as accident prone as I am know it's only a matter of time before I fall over making a fool of myself. This year alone I have had 2 trips to A+E as of accidents...not through self harm. I should have probably gone last week also when I sliced my finger open on a knife but being as though I have been so much recently through self harm there was no way I was going to go. Oh and I wasn't going to use the knofe to self harm...I was cutting a cake! My friends all take the piss out of me as I am so accident prone. I have been known to fall over (when sober) when standing in the same place.

So if I don't blog for a while it's probably because I have broken my arm while trying to negotiate the snow and ice while walking!!!!

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