Monday, 7 April 2014

Adult Content

After someone complaining that they were triggered by my post that I was going for a walk, I have decided to put an adult warning on the blog. That basically, before you proceed a warning comes up saying that there is adult content so proceed with caution.

Personally I can't see how my post about walking the west highland way would make a person suicidal and then say if they try anything they will blame me. That's nice. Especially when, in the same forum/group there are people openly saying that they are suicidal, want to cut etc etc etc. You have to open my page to read it.

But anyway. Someone found it triggering, which I am sorry they found it triggering. So hence the new warning.

I have got quite a lot to write about, but, I have written in a thought diary as things have progressed this week. I need to transfer it to here so I have a more flowing account of what has been going on. I use this to look back on things how they were a year, 2 years, 3 years ago. To see how things have changed. So I like to have everything in it.

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