Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Moved Wards

I’ve moved wards. I am now off the intensive care unit. After 6 and half months they have moved me to the acute/treatment ward. Can’t say I am actually that happy about it as the ward they have moved me to is one I worked on quite regularly before I went travelling a couple of years back.

But, I am trying to see the positives. It is a lot quieter and I have left some right dickheads behind from the other ward. The negatives are that I will miss some of the staff quite a lot as I got on really well with some of them and will miss their company. With some of them there was more than that patient/nurse relationship. Well, I felt there was anyway. Some of them even said that they didn’t see me as a patient and they saw me more as one of them. Probably why they took me to the pub. I suppose most of the time, in terms of a PICU patient I was an easy person. OK, this last month hasn’t been the best and they restrained me and a self-harmed a number of times. But the majority of the time I didn’t cause any problems.

So hopefully I should only be in hospital a few more weeks. Then I can get on with some serious planning of my around Asia travels for next April time. Planning on 3 months around Asia. I want to go to China for sure but not decided on where else. I have done Thailand a couple of times and quite recently as well as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos so I am not sure where else to go. Any one got any ideas? I was thinking of Tokyo for maybe 4-5 nights but the rest of Japan doesn’t really interest me, and it is too expensive. I am doing the trip on a budget of about £170 per week so I need to be careful and plan it well.


Just had review with doctor and have planned a discharge date of 2 weeks today on the 31 st of July. I was told 4-6 weeks by PICU doctor but it seemed as though I managed to talk the talk and get what I wanted today. I should get leave also before getting out so I’ll be able to go home before the discharge date. I’m buzzing, but I am also really nervous about it all. I mean, I have now been in hospital 8 months, by the time I am discharged it will practically be a year bar the 4 weeks I was out in October last year. I need to think how I am going to do things differently. If I end up in hospital again, I am likely to end up in a low secure place. Not what I want and I have been told it’s not what would be best for me either but that they would have no other choice.

So my plans are to take a year out from uni (again), but this time, it’s a positive year out. It’s my decision. I have plans for the year. Well, 3 months of it. But before I go I have the motivation of going to keep me well and focussed and after I get back I will be going to uni quite soon after I get back and will have my dissertation to be working on. I’ll start work on it before I go and I will need to look at doing some volunteering or courses that I would enjoy doing to keep me busy so I don’t get into a bad routine. I need to ensure I keep a routine. I know that not doing causes problems for me. The last thing I want is to have planned a trip, have booked flights and paid for them to end up in hospital again. I have my worries. I am not sure if I can do it. But I am going to give it my best shot. I really am. That's all I can do really!


Mr Entrail said...

They took you to the pub?! I am certain that is not allowed, particularly on PICU.

Reagan said...

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Golden Psych said...

Yeah, they took me to the pub. Probably not allowed, but they did and I wasn't going to say no. I was always well behaved, except the night of my birthday but that was probably something to do with the bottle of vodka consumed that my friends snuck in for me. I just had the piss taken out of me for it after.
The staff on the ward were really laid back and as long as I posed no risk to myself or others they were happy doing it. I never got trashed, just a couple of wines. So there was never any problem.