Sunday, 16 January 2011


After my night out on Friday I am going to find it very hard to look at Stevie in the same light again. She turned into a drunken lunatic. In the end I am ashamed to say I had to call an ambulance for her. She just sort of spaced out and went to sleep on the pavement. I couldn't leave her there and it was cold. I was worried about her getting hypothermia. I know she also has psych problems. The paramedics were lovely. I apologised again and again. I know they had to be professional etc but I felt as though I had wasted their time. They told me I had done the right thing in calling as her airway was not great so they put a NPA in. They also put fluids up.

She has an amazing pain threshold. The paramedic said she wasn't unconscious just very drunk and sleeping. Yet, she tolerated the NPA, a few needles (as of crap veins) and sternum rubs. I was so embarrassed. But the worst was to come.

About 10mins of being in the ambulance and on the way to hospital she came around more and ripped the NPA can cannula out her hand. Caused a nose bleed and hand was bleeding every where. She turned in to an obnoxious fool. The paramedic tried to hold her down but being skinny and small she wriggled out. I tried to grab on also but it's hard to restrain when been drinking. The paramedic told the one who was driving to stop and Stevie managed to get off the bed and open the doors and fly off in to the night. She was shouting and screaming the whole time saying she was not going to the hospital.  The paramedic said he would wait a few mins as of the medication she was on and could be some interactions between that and alcohol. But he wasn't overly worried and she seemed better to me. She was managing to run. Her being small and skinny and in flats was no competition for me in heels and unfit. I had a look around for her and after about an hour got a call from her boyfriend asking what had gone on as she had returned home covered in blood. It was nice of her to tell me she had gone home as I was still out looking around the back streets. But at least she didn't tie anyone up in A+E and meant that I didn't have to wait with her for 4 hours at A+E.

She put me in a horrible position and was really pissed off at her for getting so drunk and doing what she did. I would like to say thanks to the paramedics of Friday night and sorry. I know I have been in that situation where I have taken an overdose and cut and been the obnoxious one requiring medical treatment. So I want to say sorry for that also. I know they will never read this but others in the medical profession may and so it's a general apology really. I know she has psych problems but it doesn't really excuse it. I think anyone who drinks so much they can't manage their own safety as some issues. Why would you want to drink so much. I do it. I know I have problems and I use alcohol as a method of self harm. But most the time I do go out with my friends have a few drinks and have a normal night. What gets me though with Stevie is why she has done it. I try to understand. I know it's not a one off and that paramedics and the NHS has big problems with young people and alcohol. I mean if you look at and then it's an ongoing theme.

Anyway, I tried calling her yesterday and funnily enough it goes to voicemail. I think she may be ignoring me as of her embarrassment. I text her boyfriend and he said she had been very sick all day and feeling very sheepish. I've told her to call me. There are issues she needs to address. And I want an apology! It was a great night ruined by stupidity.

I hope she felt worse than I did yesterday and I felt like I was dying. I am taking meds at the moment for PCOS. It has reduced my tolerance of alcohol and I am getting the worst hang overs. I was feeling sick all day yesterday and still do now. I had read it was one of the side effects. On support forums etc people have said when taking the meds after having a couple of drinks the next day they would get the hangover from hell. It's either that, or I am getting old and I can't manage drink anymore. Probably a mixture of them both. I remember when I was younger being sick at night so I could drink more and then not having a hangover at all the next day and being able to go to work after 3-4 hours sleep. Now if I have to work I can't drink at all. I can't manage it. I need at least 8 hours, if have been drinking preferably 12 hours sleep. I have cut down on what I drink now also which is good.

Anyway, I am off out for a nice Sunday Roast and need to wash my hair!

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